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Terms & Conditions - Face Painting Parties


Lauren Stephenson (issypink), has Public Liability insurance for £2 million for all services covered on this site. This certificate can be made available upon request.


Lauren Stephenson has an Enhanced CRB certificate which can also be made available upon request.

Face paints

All paints and glitters used are professional products manufactured for use on skin. Face paints are water based and include anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and mould agents in addition to being hypoallergenic. Brands include Grimas, Snazzaroo, Paradise, Chameleon and FX.

Paints can be removed using water, (taking care with glitter especially around the eyes). Some of the darker colours (particularly greens and blues), may leave a faint tinge on the skin for 24 hrs after removal, but this will fade away.

Fabric that has come into contact with face paint should be soaked in detergent overnight or treated with an appropriate stain removal product and then washed as normal. Children wear a cape whilst having their faces painted to minimise the risk of paint transferral. Please be mindful though of contact with furnishings, car interiors etc in case of staining, for which I cannot be held responsible.   


All brushes, sponges and other equipment are thoroughly cleaned after each party to ensure hygiene standards. During the party fresh water is used for each guest and I operate a 1 sponge per child policy to minimise the risk of cross infection.

Skin Conditions/ Allergies

The party organiser/ child’s guardian or parent must notify me of any skin allergies/ complaints affecting any child who wishes to have their face painted. I will not be able to paint the face of any child who shows signs of medical conditions including (but not limited to), heavy cold, conjunctivitis, cold sores, broken skin or various infectious diseases. It may be possible to paint the hand or arm of such a child so please ask.

I cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction to products used if the guardian/parent/party organiser has not advised me of existing skin conditions prior to the party.   


I cannot paint the face of any child under 3 years old due to safety guidelines on the products used. It may be possible to paint the hand of younger children - but only if they want to. Please ask.


Children must firstly want to have their faces or hands painted. I cannot paint anyone against their wishes. Children must be able to sit still to be painted safely. Please can all children have a clean face prior to painting, and not be eating.

Please can parents ensure that children are kept a safe distance from paints - though they are very welcome to watch, and that they do not touch equipment.

Jewellery making at parties.

(4 years plus). Usually girls will make bracelets with beads, coloured dice and novelty gum ball charms (flowers, butterflies, teapots and lots of quirky designs), from a varied selection. I refresh the beads regularly and there are lots to choose from so even if girls are guests at another party they can make something different to take home. I have tried these bracelets with girls of various ages and as there is such a variety of choice they all seem to find something that they like.

I will also bring a selection of charm components based upon the party girls favourite colours and interests and we can make up a charm for her together at the party.

Once I have painted the birthday child, and the guests have watched and decided what they would like for themselves, they can sit and thread up their bracelets whilst they wait their turn to be painted. As there are unlimited combinations for the beads and charms girls have time to play with different design combinations until they are happy. They can also choose “earrings” to put on. I also bring a selection of nail polishes and glitters for a mini nail makeover if the girls want it.

I will usually finish off the jewellery with pretty ribbons whilst guests are having their party food, and paint remaining children’s faces afterwards.

(4 years plus). Boys charms are made up from miniature “poison” or soft drink cans and a selection of novelty gum ball charms featuring coloured skulls, guitars, cartoon characters etc. These are quite easy for the boys to choose and put together as they are not usually as engrossed in this activity as the girls. Boys can also choose from a selection of temporary tattoos.

Party bags

I have gorgeous bright sugar pink bags 18 x 8 x 20cm with pink twisted handles or pale pink bags (22 x 10 x 22 cm)  which can be painted with a design such as butterflies, flowers, castles etc. These will be personalised for each girl and will be as sparkly as the party girl requires.

These will each have a sheet of co-ordinating or contrasting tissue paper and ribbon trim ready for mums to add sweets etc to.

Consent Forms

I need the consent of a parent or guardian prior to any child being painted. Time permitting I will happily paint the hand or face of a guests sibling with verbal consent at a party. There is a PDF file in the “invites” section with printable consent slips.

Larger parties (face painting only):

Please see printable consent forms as PDF file in “invites” section ready for the party organiser to issue with their own party invites. It is the party organisers responsibility to either return these to me at the party or confirm verbally or via email - prior to the party that they have had parental/guardian consent for each named child attending.

issypink parties (face painting and jewellery/charm making):

The printable invites (x2 options) on the “Invite” tab ask that parent/guardian gives confirmation that a child can have their face painted. I will email additional consent forms to the party organiser for issue along with these printable invites. Again, the party organiser assumes responsibility for confirming back to me that each named child has parental/guardian permission to have their face or hand painted. If the organiser uses their own invites I will also email consent slips as per above.

I must be made aware of any child who does not have parental/guardian permission to have their hand or face painted prior to the party start.

Booking a Party

Please ring or email me initially to confirm that the date is free. Once confirmed I will mail back a booking form and invoice requesting that a 50% of fee as deposit be paid via PAYPAL. I will hold a tentative booking for 1 week pending payment of deposit.The remainder of the fee should be paid via cash on the day of the party please.

The deposit is non-refundable.

If a party is cancelled less than 72 hours prior to the start a full fee should be applicable.

If I am unable to attend the party due to illness or unforeseen circumstances all monies will be refunded.


2 hour (plus setting up time of 30-40 mins), issypink party at organisers home or their venue for up to 8 children, with face or hand painting and bracelet making. Handmade charm gift for birthday girl, stick on earrings and nail polish/glitter. Includes unique hand painted and personalised party bags for each child to match the theme of the party.  - £150.00

It can be possible to accommodate additional girls at the party. Please ask if numbers are an issue and I will try my best to work something out. The duration of the party will need to be extended for any girls over the 8.

Full 2 hour face painting at a larger party (clients home or chosen venue),with charm for birthday child and stick on earrings for girls.  £90.00

If travel to the party is more than a 10 mile round trip, 45p per extra mile will be applicable. Any journey less than that incurs no additional charge. Areas covered: Lytham, St.Annes,Warton, Kirkham, Freckleton, Blackpool, Poulton, Wrea Green and any smaller villages within this approximate vicinity.

Masquerade decorative facial and/or hand paint - this can be tailored to match you outfit (and your mood)! Please ask and we can discuss your requirements. This will really set you apart in a beautiful way. similarly - dance or skating costumes etc can be uniquely accessorised with face paint and glitz!

Terms and Conditions - Room Makeovers and Keepsakes/Gifts


Lauren Stephenson (issypink), has Public Liability insurance and Product Liability for £5million and Professional Indemnity for all services covered on this site. This certificate can be made available upon request.

All decorative work

I will try my utmost to ensure that all painting and decorative items and furnishings are as lovely as they can be. As each design is either made or decorated by hand there will be ever so slight natural differences which should not detract from the piece, but rather make everything unique.

Vintage textiles

I use fabric, lace and ribbon from my collection of vintage textiles to embroider and embellish most designs. These are mainly silks, cottons, linens and other natural fibres. I do also use some metallic and “dance” type fabrics. Please be aware that as a lot of these fabrics are not contemporary they have no labelling and may not meet current safety standards.

Also, there may be a slight colour variation due to age. I will only work with such a fabric where I believe the effect adds beauty to the completed design.

Where buttons are used as a design feature these are generally one off vintage pieces too. I will always try to obtain the same “look”, but the very nature of the work means that no 2 pieces are identical. 

All stuffing used is polyester hollow fibre from the UK. It conforms to furniture and furnishings fire and safety regulations 1988 and British standards BS5852.

Dried french lavender can also be added the stuffing in keepsake hearts upon request.

Keepsakes, cushions and items for sale

Bespoke and personalised items:

As these are made for a specific customer they are non returnable. This includes orders for curtains, cushions etc. for a specific room or project.

All items are personalised at no additional cost.

Non personalised keepsakes and gifts:

I truly hope that you love everything, but if there is a fault please contact me within 3 days of receipt if we are unable to resolve the issue you can return the item to me.  I will refund the postage upon receipt. I cannot refund postage or accept a return where you have just changed your mind.


Items will be posted for the single charge of £2.50

Any gift/keepsake order totalling more than £75 will be posted free of charge.


The heart and pennant keepsakes are not suitable for washing or dry-cleaning. I have used gentle spot cleaning with a very diluted detergent appropriate to the area of fabric successfully though.

Cushion innards are washable at 40 degrees. The embroidered cushion covers have beading, sequins and very delicate or sensitive fabrics. I have had some sensitive dry cleaned, but have been advised personally by the cleaners that this was at my own risk. Please make your own judgement call as to what is appropriate. I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during cleaning of any product.

Fire safety

Please keep all items away from fire or sources of ignition.

Where appropriate (i.e. for upcycled lamp shades), I will treat the textile areas with fire retardant spray (Firecheck fluid).

Gifts for children:

Although the majority of the cushions and hearts are designed with children’s rooms in mind, they are not toys and must be placed out of the reach of small children (specifically under 3 years old). Parents/guardians must be mindful that each piece contains small parts such as beading, and as such could cause a choking hazard. Please use sound judgement based upon the character of the individual child to determine whether it is safe to place any of my decorative items within the reach of a child regardless of their age.

Children’s rooms

When making or remaking curtains and larger soft furnishings (ie duvet cover), for a child’s bedroom I will normally use fabric supplied by the customer, or purchased by them upon my suggestion. I may also suggest or supply other trims or use my own collection of fabrics for details. Similarly I may suggest the purchase of an item of furniture to be upcycled, or identify potential in a customers own item of furniture or use a particular decorative effect. In all these examples I would take the customers agreement to proceed as their acceptance of responsibility for any relevant health and safety implications.

Following a no obligation initial consultation if the customer wishes to book me to undertake a room makeover, I will present an estimate for work, any materials and anticipated timescales. If the estimate is accepted I will request 50% of this total prior to commencement of the work. This can be paid via PAYPAL or cash. The remainder of costs will be invoiced upon completion and I would request PAYPAL or cash payment within 7 days after this please. If at any time the estimate is likely to be exceeded by £50 or more I will advise the customer.

Small jobs booked on an hourly basis should be paid at completion - cash please.

In all cases products remain the property of issypink until paid for in full by the customer.